Games / custom apps development

We create stunning  games & dedicated applications using the most innovative and cutting edge technologies: augmented reality, virtual reality and motion control. They are not only visually appealing but are based on solid coding and have been valued by many of our clients including: Kinder, McDonalds, Coca Cola, Nadec and many more.

We provide:

  • Mobile games and custom made applications for the most popular mobile systems iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
  • Augmented reality and Virtual Reality games with 3D animated objects generated in real time
  • PC and console games

Selected works representing AR, VR and mobile applications:


Kinder Bueno Beat Box App

App launch in GCC was supported by the wider TV campaign and competition for the best track. During the campaign, users have published more than 3000 tracks and the app itself has been downloaded over 100,000 times.

Spoko&Poko Game

Drop in to the world of two friendly beetles: relaxed Spoko and angry friend Poko. They need your help to transport a ball to their cottage. Are you ready to help them? Remember to collect all diamonds on the way!
Great reviews on Steam! 4/5 stars.



Color 4D App

Color4D application linkes the traditional world of coloring books with augmented reality technology.
How does it work? We start in the well-known way – the child colors a shark, a tiger or any other character from the special set. When the chosen animal is already colorful, the second stage begins – the child can easily make it come alive! All it has to do is start the mobile application Color4D, point the camera on the phone or tablet to the coloring book and a second later it will see the animal playing on the screen!


Coca Cola Virtual Reality Santa

Lemon & Orange is proud to help Coca-Cola with this huge Christmas event. Using Oculus Rift, our Virtual Reality experts added a touch of technological Magic to the campaign. Thousands of people all over Poland will get immersed in a virtual world and become Santa Claus, whose magical sleigh suddenly takes off!

The game was chosen to be one of the 10 BEST VR experiance globally!

Bakoma AR App

The mobile application “7 zbóż” was created for Bakoma yogurt product campaign. After launching the app, users could interact with Kłosiak – the brand hero of 7 zbóż, who reacted to their actions.Tickling Kłosiak made him burst with laughter. And if you shook your phone, Kłosiak held to the edges of the screen in panic, trying to keep his balance. If you turned the screen by 90 degrees, our hero pulled out a pillow and immediately fell asleep.

The app included also an augmented reality module. If you scanned the top of the yogurt an animated 3D Kłosiak animation appeared on your telephone screen, displaying one of six 7-second long animation of the hero in different situations.

Kinder Kinect Game

We created an interactive game controlled with gestures for the young on Kinder Surprise’s 40th birthday. A 55-inch totem with a motion device which stood in Zlote Tarasy detected every person that came close to it and Kinderino invited them to have fun together.

AR Alphabet Games

PLKIDZ is an educational augmented reality mobile application. It teaches alphabet, names of exotic animals and four languages. At the basis of the project lay colorful cards with beautiful illustrations of animals one can purchase in selected outlets and shops. From alligator through elephant to zebra all the cards correspond with their respective letters. This way we incorporated the most popular art of memory to the game. Thanks to our PLKIDZ app the animals on the cards come to life. All 26 animals are animated in 3D and have the real voices of animals.



Kinect Football game

One of a kind gesture-based goalkeeper game developped for 2012 Euro Championships.

Fruitology Game

In ‘Fruitology’ player becomes a ninja warrior whose task is to cut through the fruit tossed in the air. He operates his blade using only gestures. When the player moves in front of the arcade machine, he sees ninja?s shadow on the screen while he cuts through virtual fruit by waving his hands.

Buraco Card Game

The app can operate hundreds of tables and thousands of players at the same time. It has a sophisticated social and gamification system that allows players to collect points, badges and prizes, establishing social clubs, adding favorite partners or banning abusers. Every player can also use the in-game shop in which points can be exchanged for unique card-backs and other game related stuff. The game also enables a single player mode with computer as well as participating in tournaments