Interactive events

We create unforgettable events using the most innovative and cutting edge technologies: augmented reality and motion/touch/gesture control. We are pioneers in using NFC and mobile devices which increase the interactivity of every event. By combining our know-how and experiences of our international partners we provide our customers with unique and effective solutions.

The technologies we use feature:

• Augmented reality presentations with 3D objects generated in real time
• Dedicated and non-linear presentation/information applications
• Presentations operated using motion/touch/gesture control
• Registration and information systems based on NFC technology
• Mobile systems allowing user interaction (live surveys and questions from the audience, scanning Augmented Reality markers)


VISA Augmented Reality Event

Arkadia Virtual Zoo

Viacom (Comedy Central) & NC+ campaign

Procter&Gamble press conference

Nokia Lumia 610 campaign – gesture control