A virtual fitting room is a perfect solution for shopping malls, internet stores, fashion world and designers of clothes and accessories. By using the technology of Augmented Reality, the virtual fitting room allows to combine real world with computer-generated 2D or 3D images.

How does a virtual fitting room work?

We project a virtual image on the scene recorded by the camera. The virtual image can feature the clothes, accessories (i.e. glasses or hats) or make-up style chosen by the user. As a result, we create an illusion of a mirror in which the users can see themselves wearing selected items.

The virtual fitting room makes online shopping easier since it is possible to try many products on in a simple and time-efficient manner. It allows clients to choose items really suited to their taste, therefore the number of returns is lower.

We create dedicated virtual fitting rooms for various events (advertising campaigns, promotional events, fashion shows).

A virtual fitting room can be controlled using touch solutions (via multi-touch screens or a cursor) or be based on non-touch solutions (gesture- and motion-control). The Kinect technology used in stand-alone formats allows the user to change clothes with one movement of his/her hand  to see which items and models match. Non-touch control is easy and intuitive. This solution works perfectly in window displays – now it is possible to try clothes on even when the store is closed!



Our virtual fitting rooms offer a number of functionalities which make them an interactive sales tool:

  • projecting 2D and 3D images on the image from the camera
  • matching the items to user’s movements
  • changing the colors of individual items
  • generating the fitting room image as a jpg and a video
  • social media functionalities (a module for sharing the fitting room image as a photograph or a movie clip on users’ social media profiles and brands’ and stores’ fanpages)
  • an option to send the image directly from the application (as a photograph or a video) to a selected e-mail address
  • an option to download and print the photograph
  • an option to change the background.


Timberland Augmented Reality Campaign