IT Outsourcing

Require developers for an existing project? Need a remote or an off-shore/near-shore team to implement your idea? No matter the project or a scope of work, you can add and subtract programming power as you need it. You can trust our experience as we already partnered with many noble clients: Intel, Coca Cola, IBM or Danone just to name a few.

We can augment your current staff, supply an entire group, mentor them, train them, review the code, test the work or provide an individual programmer. You can also choose commitment levels of 10, 20, or 40 hours/week to fit your needs. And because of the relationship we have with our designers and developers, you get competitive rates and the peace of mind that the designers and programmers are there when you need them.

We can give you access to a complete interdisciplinary team upon your requirements within a very short period of time that is able to deliver a project of any scope and complexity. There will be one assigned project manager (part-time or full-time) and a team leader, to facilitate the communication between you and the team. Obviously we can also do a project from A to Z alone and remotely as we often do.

We do large tech projects for a living so we can better understand what kind of help you might need and come up with a plan and give you ta helping hand at the soonest.

Starting at $30/hour for PHP and HTML coders.